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English Focus was launched with the intention to make quality research output available for scholars in the field of language education. Although the focus is primarily on research on language education, we will also consider papers in other areas of applied linguistics such as language testing as far as they have clear implications for language teaching/learning. Reviews of the literature are not acceptable for this Journal; however, status papers by experts in the field are called for as long as explicit implications are drawn in favor of language teaching and learning. English Focus  (p-ISSN: 2614-638X and e-ISSN: 2614-6355) is an open access academic, scholarly peer-reviewed journal and follows a double-blind review policy. The Journal is scheduled for publication semiannually, in July and December, with the first issue to appear in December 2017.

English Focus: Journal of English Language Education has been accredited as a scientific journal by the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia: 148/M/KPT/2020 : period 2020  until 2022

Vol 4 No 2 (2021): In Press

Published: Jul 5, 2021

EFL Students’ Achievement and Affective Factors on Reading Comprehension: A Literature Study

99-111 Asti Gumartifa
Read Statistic: 60

A Study of Students’ Errors on Paragraph Writing

112-124 Dhenok Krismonica, Bambang Harmanto, Diyah Atiek Mustikawati, Ana Maghfiroh
Read Statistic: 41

EFL Obstacles in Writing Thesis Proposal

125-140 Ari Prasetyaningrum, Laila Wati, Siti Ayu Surayya, Maman Asrobi
Read Statistic: 60

Swearing Analysis of Characters in Possession Novel (1990) Written by As Byatt

141-154 Octa Pratama Putra, Zuriyati Zuriyati, Ninuk Lustyantie
Read Statistic: 44
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